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Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a youth committee consisting of four to seven C2i participants. The goal of YAC is for youth to build their leadership skills and to have a voice in developing and implementing all aspects of C2i's strategic plan. YAC members are vital component in moving the organization's mission forward through a youth's perspective. 

The youth group meets on a monthly basis or as needed to achieve the goals listed below:

1.       To develop youth’s leadership skills

2.       To develop youth’s problem solving skills

3.       To educate and empower Connections to Independence(C2i) youth to take ownership of the

           C2i program


The Youth Advisory Council does the following:

-          Help with the planning of social activities

-          Help to facilitate weekly independent living skills units

-          Participate in youth leadership trainings

-          Participate in C2i strategic planning sessions

-          Attend annual National Foster Care Conference

-          Help to develop relevant C2i programming units


Eligibility for acceptance into the Youth Advisory Council:

1.       Youth must be enrolled in C2i for a minimum of 60 days

2.       Youth must display a positive attitude and enthusiasm for C2i

3.       Youth must attend C2i programming on a regular basis

4.       Youth must have a 90% attendance rate at school

5.       Youth much maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA