Youth Services

We’ve designed our programs to help you deal with the emotional and social impacts of being in foster care, while helping you make a successful transition to adulthood. We strive to provide you with a positive development skillset that supports increased engagement and stronger social connections to create greater instances of long-term success. When you exit C2i, you will be able to support yourself and find the community resources needed to achieve self-sufficiency.

14 – 17 Services

C2i provides independent living skills through year-round programming with emphasis on one-on-one relationship building. Youth work with an Independent Living Skills Counselor (ILSC) to build stability, trust, and a genuine caring and healthy relationship with an adult throughout their time in the program.

All C2i services are based on the development of a healthy mind, body, and soul philosophy with a focus on both practical and personal matters. C2i covers topics like housing, education, and employment, as well as moral, social, and personal development. These components are implemented through varied techniques: lectures, group activities, individual goal development, one-on-one time with counselors, guest speakers, field trips, civic engagement, exposure to the arts and physical activities (yoga, horseback riding, bicycling, etc). Transportation is provided to ALL C2i programming and activities.

18 – 24 Services

For youth ages 18-24 C2i offers After Care Services (ACS). Along with the focus of a healthy mind, body, and soul, ACS takes a hands-on and real-time approach to teaching Independent Living Skills. ACS has a strong focus on finding appropriate housing, expanding education, and obtaining and sustaining employment.

ACS offer monthly workshops and quarterly training opportunities that focus on employment, applying and paying for continued education, dealing with mental health issues, cooking etc. Quarterly trainings offer certifications in Employment Readiness Training and Rentwise.

Employment Readiness Training (ERT) concentrates on youth obtaining and maintaining employment. C2i partners with community organizations where youth gain real-life work experience through unpaid internships.

Developed from the University of Minnesota Extension program, Rentwise training teaches youth how to be a successful renter. This training includes apartment hunting skills, questions to ask when viewing an apartment, what landlords expect from renters, how to be a good renter, and much more.

Get Involved in C2i!

To apply to the Connections to Independence program, please follow the link below and fill out the application form.

Opportunities at C2i


The Connections to Independence (C2i) Internship program gives our 18-21 youth the opportunity to gain positive employment experience in a career field. C2i internship sites are small businesses/community organizations that have the capacity to provide a nurturing learning environment and have an understanding for the youth we serve. Each site offers part-time, unpaid internships during the summer months with the option to continue the internship throughout the year. Youth receive a “stipend award” based on hours worked and the grade on their monthly review from their site supervisor. The internship sites offer an amazing opportunity for youth to work in the areas of health and wellness, radio, newspaper, non-profit, and community organizing. Click the button below to fill out an application form.

Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a youth committee consisting of four to seven C2i participants. The goal of YAC is for youth to build their leadership skills and to have a voice in developing and implementing all aspects of C2i’s strategic plan. YAC members are vital part in moving the organization’s mission forward through a youth’s perspective. Click the button below to see the YAC’s areas of responsibility and requirements.