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We Want to Connect Caring Adults With Youth


All young people have a need for caring adults and mentors.  For youth at risk of aging out of the foster care system, this need is often felt more deeply without the roots of a stable family system.  They are often in need of healthy adult connections, who can encourage them towards greatness.  As Oprah Winfrey said, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”  This is why we are excited to let you know about C2i’s new mentorship program, which will provide mentors for youth who are aging out of foster care.

We connect caring adults with youth and young people in two distinct programs:


The Explorers Program

In the Explorers Program, youth ages 14-17 are given an opportunity to interact with community members in a group setting.   The Explorer program is a one-year commitment, meeting approximately 4 times throughout the year.

The OG Mentoring Program

In the OG Mentoring Program, young people ages 18-24 are given an opportunity to directly choose a one-on-one adult mentor who can provide them with additional advice, assistance, and support.  This is intended to be a long-term relationship (18+ months).  Mentors can expect to connect with their mentees every week via phone and meet 1-2 times in person per month.

Are You In? Let's Connect!

If you have time, commitment, patience, and kindness to offer, for either of these programs, we would love to connect with you. Sign up today to attend an informational training, sign up to be an Explore or Mentor or be added to our mailing list.

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