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Success Stories


Markita came to the Connections Program at the age of 13 and had already been in foster care system for several years with her older sister and two younger brothers. By the age of 18 Markita has been in over 30 different foster homes, was separated from her other siblings but she did not let her situation and label of foster care define her. Markita over came much adversity and with the assistance of C2i beat the odds that had been stacked against her. With encouragment, love, support, and resouces from C2i Markita graduated from high school and continued on to post secondary.

Markita became homeless during her senior year because the foster family she was living with moved and she was unable to move with them. She didn't want to go into another foster home and was on a waiting list for her first apartment. Markita and her C2i Independent Living Skills Counselor (ILSC) worked together to keep her in school and on track to graduate and move into her own place. Not only did Markita graduate, but she has gone on to receive her certification as a Medical Assistant and has now moved to Georgia to pursue another post secondary certification at an aviation school. 

Through Markita's journey she has over come her fear of being alone, utilizing public transportation, and has found creative outlets to address her anger and pain she has endured. Utilizing, drawing, singing and writing Markita has shown C2i staff and others how gifted she is. She speaks at local events that raise awareness around foster care and homeless youth issues locally. "without the support of C2i I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have."