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Training / Workshops

C2i offers monthly workshops that are open to all age appropriate SELF eligible youth within Hennepin County. Workshops are designed to concentrate on the different obstacles youth encounter as they start the process of transitioning out of foster care and into the Extended Foster Care program. 

Workshops are typcially for youth ages 18+

Workshops are the 4th Monday of every month from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

2013 Workshops Topics and Dates:

     • October 28th: How to buy a car: Financing
     • November 25th: How to buy a car: Maintenance
     • December 23rd: Budgeting: Cosby Show Activity
     • January 27th: Budgeting: Needs vs. Wants
     • February 24th: Education: resources for GED and diploma
     • March 24th: STI and Pregnancy Prevention
     • April 28th: Time Management
     • May 26th: Foster Care Alumni Speaker
     • June 23rd: Healthy Cooking

The quarterly trainings offer certifications in Employment Readiness and Rent Wise.

Employment Readiness Training (ERT) concentrates on youth obtaining and maintaining employment.  The training was developed through our observations of what employment opportunities youth needed.

The topics that are covered:
     • Applications and Resumes
     • Searching for a job
     • Follow up on applications and interviews
     • Mock interviewing
     • Dealing with conflict at work
     • How to keep a job
     • Work ethic

Once youth complete the ERT, they have the option of participating in our Internship program. C2i has partnerships within the community where our youth can obtain real-life experience in a work environment. Youth receive monthly reviews of their performance and based on their monthly review grade, may be eligible for a stipend award.

The Rent Wise training teaches youth how to be a successful renter. This training was developed by the University of Minnesota Extension program and all C2i staff have been trained to facilitate this workshop. 

The topics that are covered are:
     • Budgeting and what type of housing you can afford
     • Determining your housing needs and wants
     • How to find a place
     • How to compare and check out apartments and landlords
     • Understanding of the Rental Process
     • Rental application, understanding the screening process, and lease agreements