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18 - 20 Services

Services provided for foster youth 18-20 is referred to as C2i After Care Services (ACS). ACS were put into effect in 2009 when new legislation was created to allow youth currently in care to extend their time in care and emancipated youth to reconnect with services until they turned 21.

Along with the focus of a healthy mind, body, and soul ACS focus is a more hands-on and real-time approach to teaching Independent Living Skills. ACS has a strong focus on finding appropriate housing, expanding education, and obtaining and sustaining employment.

In addition to regular programming, ACS offer monthly workshops and quarterly training opportunities. The monthly workshops are designed to concentrate on the different obstacles  youth encounter when they turn 18 like employment, applying and paying for continued education, dealing with mental health issues, cooking etc.. Qarterly trainings offer certifications in Employment Readiness and Rent Wise.

Employment Readiness Training (ERT) concentrates on youth obtaining and maintaining employment. Youth must complete the ERT to be eligible for the C2i Internship program. C2i has partnerships within the community where youth particpate in unpaid internships to obtain real-life work experience. Youth receive monthly reviews of their performance and based on their monthly review grade, they may be eligible to receive a stipend award.

The Rent Wise training teaches youth how to be a successful renter. This training consists of: how and where to find an apartments, questions to ask, when viewing an apartment, what  landlords are looking for in a renter, how to be a good renter, and much more. Rentwise training was developed by the University of Minnesota Extension program. All C2i staff has been trained to facilitate this workshop.

Youth are introduced to various resources within the community and by the time they exit care each individual youth will have the necessary tools to live independently successful.