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14 - 17 Services

C2i prepares youth for living independently as they get closer to reaching adulthood and aging out of the foster care system. Participants are between the ages of 15-24 and focus on a healthy mind, body, and soul approach to learning independent living skills. Youth are assigned an Independent Living Skills Counselor (ILSC) who they work with until they exit the program. Working with the same ILSC helps establish stability, trust, and a genuine caring and healthy relationship with an adult. Relationship development has been C2i's key to success and great outcomes.

Services consists of teaching independent living skills through year-round programming with a key emphasis placed on one-on-one relationship building. C2i counselor's concentrate on one-on-one time with youth on non programming days (typically Mondays and Fridays). C2i programming takes place three days a week in the afternoon (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) with added social activities once a month and during school breaks. Transportation is provided to ALL C2i programming and activities.

All services are based on the promotion and development of a healthy mind, body, and soul philosophy with embedded independent living skills and a specific focus on practical matters such as securing housing, education, and employment, as well as personal matters such as moral, social, and personal development. These components are implemented through various techniques including lectures, group activities, individual goal development, one-on-one time with counselors, guest speakers, field trips, civic engagement, exposure to the arts and physical activities (yoga, horseback riding, bicycling, etc). The goal is to develop the whole person in addition to a core focus on obtaining education, housing and employment.

When C2i youth exit the program they will be able to support themselves and find the community resources necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. Exposure to community resources and self-advocacy is a year-round focus for youth and staff. Youth focus more on housing, post secondary education, and employment as they get closer to aging out of the system and start working with After Care Services.

C2i’s outcomes have been sustainable and are based on relationship development. Independent Living Skills Counselors (ILSC) focus on developing meaningful relationships with youth and meeting them where they are, rather than having a one-plan-fits-all approach.