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Connections to Independence (C2i), Hennepin County and Children's Law Center of Minnesota have formed a partnership to raise awareness for older youth in foster care who are in the foster care system. We have collaborated with several media partners to assist us to galvanize the community to partner with our organizations to raise awarenes for the need to connect this population of youth with life long connections. We plan to do this with your help in the following areas: volunteers to be foster and or adoptive parents, lending legal talent as an individual or legal agency, as well as financial support to provide programming services for this population.

If you would like more information about how to become a Foster and or Adoptive parent click the link below:

For Adoption Orientations:   Click Here

For Foster Care Orientations:   Click Here

For information on how to become a youth advocate, Guardian Ad Litem:   Click Here

If you and or your law firm would like more information about how to volunteer your services to a young person in foster care or provide funding for legal services for this population  Click Here

To make a financial donation of any denomination to help provide services and programming for youth in foster care  Click Here

If you are outside of Hennepin County and would like more information about how to volunteer as a foster or adoptive family select the link below to find contact information in your respective county:   Click Here