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Community partnerships are the life support of all non profit organizations. C2i is no different. We are truly thankful for all of our partnering businesses and agencies who have contributed various resources to benefit the youth of C2i and help us push our mission forward.

C2i would like to recognize and thank all community partners:

Hennepin County Logo

Hennepin County: Helped develop the foundation for the Connections Program in 2003 along with Louis J. King, President and CEO of Summit Academy OIC. Hennepin County has supported the Connections Program, now C2i, since 2003 on a contractual basis and supportive staff.

Hennepin County Website

Summit Academy Logo

Summit Academy OIC: Developed the Connections Program, now C2i, with Hennepin County. Donated office space, furniture, and professional support during our first six months in operation. Special thanks to Louis J. King for believing in our leadership and staff to transition his program to its own non profit Connections to Independence (C2i).

Summit Academy Website

Dnt Blnk Logo

Dnt Blnk: Developed C2i's marketing materials at a discounted rate because they are passionate about the youth we serve. Dntblnk created the C2i logo, website, and brochure. Special thanks to Eric Berg and Phil Tippin.

Network Medics, Inc. Logo

Network Medics, Inc: Donated a portion of IT services to support the C2i website and general IT needs.

Network Medics Website

KMOJ Radio Logo

KMOJ Radio Station: Providing mentoring and internships for C2i youth.

KMOJ Website

Right Choice Movers: Provides moving services for youth moving into apartments at a discounted rate to C2i. 

Right Choice Movers Website

PlayFast: Mark Ellis, Owner and Personal Trainer: Provides comprehensive workout planning and training pro-bono and discounted for youth and staff. 

PlayFast Website

ChildTrax Logo

ChildTrax: Developed a database specifically for county agencies and community organizations who work with youth in foster care to track placements, contact time, ILP progress and much more. C2i became a client to streamline the data collection process.

ChildTrax Website or Admin Solutions Website

If your company or community organization would like to partner with C2i through offering; unpaid youth internships, donating product or services please contact Jessica Rogers, Executive Director by email or click on the contact button to send a brief email describing your partnership idea.

"Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning."

-Bill Gates